When a devotee meditates On Maa ChinnaMasta, She Is Often Visualised in the navel area, the location of the manipura chakra where the three nadis (pingala, ida and sushumna) unite.
Maa ChinnaMasta’s Association with the manipura chakra and Her Red Complexion can be connected to the fire element and the sun, as the manipura chakra is the region of fire and heat.
Fire is very important because when the central nadi, sushumna, is opened this fire eventually reaches the top of the head where nectar (amrta) is located. When this nectar is heated, it descends down the sushumna nadi and the practitioner experiences bliss in various degrees.
Thus, the manipura chakra is a major pivotal point in regard to bliss and Experiencing The Divine. It is the locus of creation and also dissolution.
The devotee, during meditation, places Maa ChinnaMasta At The Center, With the Realisation That Only She Has The Absolute Power To Open the manipura chakra and Liberate the seeker.
She Collapses the consciousness, by destroying all the ideas of the meditator, meditated, and the process of meditation, Thereby Destroying all duality as well as Re-affirming consciousness by Allowing duality to coexist with non-duality.

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