The Thirteenth “Name” And “Meaning” From The 1000 Holy “Names” Through Which devotees praise The Divine Mother Maa ChinnaMasta

The Thirteenth “Name” From The “Maa ChinnaMasta Sahasranama Stotram” Or The Thousand Holy Names Through Which devotees praise The Divine Mother Maa ChinnaMasta Is “Maa Chanchala”. Maa ChinnaMasta Revered As Maa Chanchala Is “The Divine Mother Symbolising Most Active Energy”.

The Final “Translation”

Maa ChinnaMasta, Revered As “Maa Chanchala” Is “The Divine Mother Symbolising Most Active Energy”, Which Signifies Her Dynamic And Ever-Moving Energy In Constant Motion, And Her Divine Powers Enabling the continuous flow of life force. Maa ChinnaMasta As Maa Chanchala Bestows Upon Her devotees the transformative energy necessary to break through limitations and attain spiritual elevation.
Devotees should sincerely worship Maa ChinnaMasta As Maa Chanchala to awaken the potent energy that resides within. By The Blessings Of Maa ChinnaMasta, devotees can embrace the transformative and active energy, become aware of the transient and temporary nature of worldly existence, and advance towards Self-Realization.

“Translations” Of “Chanchala” found in literature

In the book by Benard (1994), The Meaning Of The Holy Name “Maa Chanchala” is stated to be “Who Trembles” (p.121). This “Interpretation” suggests a sense of movement, instability, or the wavering nature.
The Holy Name “Chanchala” Is Also An Epithet Of Maa Maha Lakshmi (Benard, 1994, p.140), Symbolising aspects of movement, change, or unpredictability of wealth. This “Name” Also Symbolises that wealth and abundance can be fleeting or transient, And Highlights the importance of gratitude, balance, and responsible stewardship.
According to another source, Maa Maha Lakshmi As Maa Chanchala, Is Venerated As The “Restless One.” As An Epithet Of Maa Maha Lakshmi, The Holy Name “Chanchala” Signifies the fleeting aspect of wealth and fortune, And Also Symbolises that wealth is quick on its feet, constantly moving or changing.
The tenth verse Of The “Shri Maa ChinnaMasta Sahasranama Stotram” contains The Holy Name “Chanchala” Or “Cancala”, which in english and in bengali are as follows:
“Lalajihva Caladrakta Carucandranibhanana ।
Cakoraksi Candanada Cancala Ca Manonmada ॥ 10 ॥”
“ললজিহ্বা চলদ্রক্তা চারুচন্দ্রনিভাননা ।
চকোরাক্ষী চণ্ডনাদা চঞ্চলা চ মনোন্মদা ॥ ১০ ॥”
As part of the literary evidence of kusana period of the early 1st century, “Chanchala,” along with “Dhavani” and “Rodini,” Were Found To Depict The Attributes Of The Divine Mother.
In the sixth chapter on dhyāna yoga in the bhagavad gita (sloka 6.26), “Chanchala” Is mentioned as follows:
“यतो यतो निश्चरति मनश्चञ्चलमस्थिरम् |
ततस्ततो नियम्यैतदात्मन्येव वंश नयेत् ||”
The english transliteration and translation of the sloka are as follows:
 “Yato yato nishcharati manashchanchalamasthiram, Tatastato niyamyaitadātmanyeva vasham nayet.”
“Wherever the unsteady mind wanders due to its restless nature, control it and bring it back to stillness. Discipline it to remain centered In The Self Alone.”
In this context, “Chanchala” In the first line Refers To the restless and unsteady mind that tends to wander away. This also denotes a state of constant movement without stability.
Similarly, “Chanchala” refers to the nature of the mind consisting of vritti, or swirling thoughts, that arise in the mind, which a yogi must still in order to progress spiritually.

General meaning of the word “chanchala”

In sanskrit, “chanchala” (चञ्चल) is derived from the root word “chala” which means “to move” or “to be restless”, and carries multiple meanings that revolve around the concept of movement, instability, and inconstancy.
Additionally, “chanchala” can also be translated as “unsteady” or “inconstant.”, making the word synonymous with “change”. The term “chanchala” further signifies being “moving.” This refers to a continuous state of motion, whether literal or metaphorical. It suggests a dynamic nature that is always active, not static or stationary.
In bengali, the term “চঞ্চলা” (“chanchala”) is derived from the root word “চঞ্চল” (chanchal). The term “চঞ্চলা” (“chanchala”) encompasses a wide range of meanings and connotations. In bengali, it denotes various aspects related to movement, restlessness, agitation, and fluctuation. It signifies a state of continuous motion or activity.
Overall, the word “chanchala” carries similar meanings in both sanskrit and bengali languages. In both languages, “chanchala” represents the concept of movement, restlessness, or change. It implies a lack of stillness or consistency, emphasizing the dynamic and transient nature of worldly existence and the ever-changing state of all things in creation.


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