The Second “Name” And “Meaning” Through Which devotees praise The Divine Mother Maa ChinnaMasta

The Second Name Among The 1000 Names Through Which devotees praise Maa ChinnaMasta Is MAA CHANDA. Maa ChinnaMasta Venerated As Maa Chanda Is “Indomitable”.

The Many Forms Of Maa Chanda, The Indomitable Divine Mother

According to Benard (1994, p.121) Maa Chanda Is “Fierce One”. Benard (1994) further mentions that in the classification Of “The Thousand Names” according to the nine rasas, The Name Of Maa ChinnaMasta As “Chanda” has been classified under category 4 – Furious (p.139).  Some other “Names” in that category are “Prachanda Chandika”, “ChandaDevyAvinashini”, And “ShuChanda”, Which All Symbolize The Fierceness Of Maa ChinnaMasta.

The Name Of Maa Chanda Is Also Found As The Second “Name” In The “Shri ChinnaMasta Sahasranamavali Stotram”. It is as follows: 

Om Candayai Namah ।

In bengali grammar, both “Canḍā (চন্ডা)” and “Canḍī  (চন্ডী)” are the feminine form of “Canḍa (চন্ড)”. চন্ড   /বিশেষ্য পদ/ স্ত্রীলিঙ্গ. চন্ডা, চন্ডী। In sanskrit, “Canḍī” or “Chandi” Means “Fierce”.

Maa Caṇḍī (Also Maa Chandika) Is The Name By Which The Supremely Divine Mother Of the universe Is Revered In The Holy Text Of The Devi Mahatmya. Maa Chandi Is The Divine Mother Who Destroys all evil, And Whose Fierce Passion Inspires Awe. 

Among devotees, Maa Chandi Is worshipped By Many Names, including Maa DeviChandi, Maa MangalChandi, Maa JayChandi, Maa OlaiChandi, Maa KuluiChandi, Maa ChelaiChandi. In Her Manifestation As Maa JayChandi, She Is The Killer Of destructive desires.

The Greatness Of Maa Durga As Maa Aranyani Chandi Has Been described in the form of songs collectively called “ChandiMangal”. These medieval bangla songs praise The Divine Mother As The Fearless Maa MangalChandi or simply Maa Chandi, The Saviour Of the oppressed. 

In west bengal and bangladesh, Maa Chandi Is worshipped by women As The Divine Mother Of domestic harmony and happiness. In the folk traditions, Maa Chandi Is Revered In Many Forms. For example, Maa Chandi Is Maa Ban-Durga When She Stands On the Sheoda Tree And Mata Devi-Sasthi When She Is Associated With the Pakud Tree. Maa Chandi’s devotees tie strips of cloth to branches In Her Name and ask For Her Blessings. In this Manifestation, She Is Maa Nekdai-Chandi. In some parts of bangladesh, Maa Chandi Is worshipped by placing bricks at the foot of a Tree. She Is Then Venerated As Maa Ital-Chandi.

Maa Chanda, The Indomitable Divine Mother Of the universe Is Unforgiving And Impetuous In Her battles against evil But To Her devotees She Is The Divine Mother worshipped with utmost devotion, love, and sincerity for every facet of life.


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