The Third “Name” And “Meaning” Through Which devotees praise The Divine Mother Maa ChinnaMasta

The Third Name Of The 1000 Names Through Which devotees praise Maa ChinnaMasta Is Maa ChandaDevyAvinashini. The Meaning Of Maa ChinnaMasta Name Maa ChandaDevyAvinashini Is “Divine Mother Chanda Who Is Indestructible”.


The Various Translations Of The Divine “Name”

According to Benard (1994, p.121) The Meaning Of The Name Maa ChandaDevyAvinashini Is “Indestructible Fierce Goddess”. Benard ( 1994) also mentions that in the classification Of “The Thousand Names” according to the nine rasa, The Name “ChandaDevyaVinashini” has been classified under category 4 – Furious (p.139). Some other “Names” in that category are “Prachanda Chandika”, “Chanda”, and “ShuChanda”, Which All Symbolize The Fierceness Of Maa ChinnaMasta.

The “Shri ChinnaMasta Sahasranamabali” contains the following verse:

“Om ChandaDevyai Namah.

Om Avinasinyai Namah.”

As seen in the translation Of The Second Name Of Maa ChinnaMasta As Maa Chanda, Maa Chanda Means “Indomitable” ( While in sanskrit, “Devya” Is Translated in the following ways:

– Godhead; Divine Power

– Divine Dignity

In sanskrit, “Avinashini” Is The Feminine Noun Of avināśin. Avināśin is a sanskrit compound consisting of the terms a and vināśin (विनाशिन्). In sanskrit avināśin means indestructible, indestructive, immortal, eternal, and imperishable. In chapter 49 of “Maha Prajnaparamita Sastra” avināśin (अविनाशिन्) is referred to as indestructible.

Maa ChinnaMasta As Maa ChandaDevyAvinashini Is The Divine Mother Who Is Indestructible, And Remaining Indestructible, Maa ChinnaMasta Guides Her sincere devotees In the destruction of their ego And In their advancement towards the attainment Of Self-Realization.


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