The Twelfth “Name” And “Meaning” From The 1000 Holy “Names” Through Which devotees praise The Divine Mother Maa ChinnaMasta

The Twelfth “Name” From The “Maa ChinnaMasta Sahasranama Stotram” Or The Thousand Holy Names Through Which devotees praise The Divine Mother Maa ChinnaMasta Is “Maa ChandaNada”. Maa ChinnaMasta Revered As Maa ChandaNada Is “The Divine Mother Causing The Most Powerful Vibrations”.

“Translations” Of The Divine “Name” Through Which devotees praise Maa ChinnaMasta As “Maa ChandaNada” found in literature

According to Bernard’s book (1994), The Holy Name “Maa ChandaNada” Carries The Meaning “Who Has a Fierce Roar.” This information is mentioned on page 121 of the book.

Additionally, the book classifies The Holy 1000 “Names” Of Maa ChinnaMasta based on the nine rasa, which are categories representing different emotions or sentiments. In this classification, “ChandaNada” falls under category 4, which is labeled as “Furious.” This classification can be found on page 139 of the book.

The tenth verse Of The “Shri Maa ChinnaMasta Sahasranama Stotram” contains The Holy Name “ChandaNada” Or “Candanada”, which in english and in bengali are as follows:

“Lalajihva Caladrakta Carucandranibhanana ।Cakoraksi Candanada Cancala Ca Manonmada ॥ 10 ॥”

“ললজিহ্বা চলদ্রক্তা চারুচন্দ্রনিভাননা ।চকোরাক্ষী চণ্ডনাদা চঞ্চলা চ মনোন্মদা ॥ ১০ ॥”

The Final “Translation” Of The Holy Name “Maa ChandaNada”

Maa ChinnaMasta, Revered As Maa ChandaNada, Is Associated With Immense Power And Vibrations. The name “ChinnaMasta” translates to “severed head,” symbolizing the act of self-decapitation, which represents the transcendence of the ego and attachment to the physical body. It signifies the ability to rise above worldly desires and attain spiritual liberation.

The Revered Epithet “ChandaNada” Further Amplifies Maa ChinnaMasta’s Divine Essence For Her sincere devotees. The “Meaning” Of The Holy “Name” Is “The Divine Mother Causing The Most Powerful Vibrations.” The First Half Of The Name “Chanda” Refers To The Fierceness And Intensity worshipped in Maa ChinnaMasta, Emphasizing Her Immense Power, Strength, And Ferocity. It symbolizes Her Power To Vanquish negativity, ignorance, and obstacles on the spiritual path.

The Second Half Of The Name “Nada” Signifies Vibrations Or Sound, often associated With The Cosmic Energy And The Divine Resonance That Permeates the universe. It Symbolizes The Primal Energy And Creative Force Underlying all of existence. By being praised as “ChandaNada,” Maa ChinnaMasta Is Venerated As The Divine Embodiment Of These Potent Vibrations, Suggesting Her Power To Generate Transformative Energy And Bless sincere devotees With profound spiritual experiences.

In essence, Maa ChinnaMasta, Revered As Maa ChandaNada, Is The Divine Mother Who Embodies The Power Of Immensity, Fierce Determination, And The Ability To Transcend the limitations of the physical realm. Maa ChinnaMasta Is Revered As The Causer Of Profound Vibrations, Enabling spiritual seekers to awaken, transform, and achieve spiritual liberation. Devotees should sincerely meditate On Maa ChinnaMasta As “Maa ChandaNada” For the Removal Of obstacles, to gain spiritual insight, and experience The Divine Vibrations That Lead to higher states of consciousness.

General meanings of the words “chanda” and “nada”

The Bengali word “চণ্ডা” (chanda) carries a range of meanings in English that describe intensity, strength, and a heightened emotional state. It can be translated as “fierce,” indicating an aggressive or powerful nature. The word also conveys the idea of something being “tremendous” or exceptionally large or intense. Additionally, “চণ্ডা” (chanda) can signify being “furious” or “violent,” suggesting a strong display of anger or aggression. It conveys a sense of being “very angry” or displaying a high level of emotional intensity. Furthermore, the word can describe something as “ferocious,” implying a wild or untamed nature. It can also denote severity or intensity, indicating something as “severe” or “strong.” Overall, the word “চণ্ডা” encompasses a range of intense and powerful qualities, reflecting a heightened state of being or expression.

The Bengali word “নাদা” (nada) encompasses several meanings related to making loud and forceful sounds. In English, it can be translated as “to roar,” indicating a deep and powerful sound often associated with animals such as lions or tigers. The word also conveys the meaning of “to howl,” which refers to a long, mournful cry or wail, often associated with wolves. Additionally, “নাদা” signifies “to make a loud noise with great force,” implying a strong and intense sound that carries a significant impact. This can include any type of loud and forceful noise, such as the crashing of waves, the rumbling of thunder, or the reverberation of a powerful musical instrument. Overall, the word “নাদা” represents various forms of loud and forceful sounds, evoking a sense of power, intensity, and impact.


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