Maa ChinnaMasta’s Self-Decapitation Does Not Result In the destruction Of The Divine Mother. Quite to the contrary, Through That Act She Emphasizes the spiritual ability involved in being able to cut off one’s head without destroying oneself.

Maa ChinnaMasta’s Act Of Severing Her Head Reveals the realization that one is not separate from all. The Greater Self Is All-Pervading.

Once This Raw Image Of The Divine Mother Has Branded this realisation within you, it may gift you with the proper insight and means to help others. You may then cease to put yourself first and live “altruistically” for the sake of all. For there is no “others”.

Sincere devotion and meditation On Maa ChinnaMasta can lead  to annihilation of that illusion, after which you are one with all.

Maa ChinnaMasta Violently Severs one’s concept of an individual self, which is the hindrance to a true apprehension of reality.

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