Maa ChinnaMasta Explodes one’s limited understanding of the phenomenal world To Reveal unconditioned reality. Her Name Means “The One With The Severed Head” Because She Severed Her Own Head And Holds It In Her Hand.

Initially, Her Image Seems Overwhelming And Frightening. However, at a deeper level The Depiction Of Maa ChinnaMasta Pushes the devotee Beyond dualities Into the realm of the unconditioned and unconditional.

One is reminded of arjuna’s vision Of Bhagwan Shri Krishna Appearing As The All-Pervading Greater Self. In the bhagavad gita arjuna exclaims:

Having seen what was never seen before, I am astonished, and my heart is shaken with fear. Show me, O God, That Same Form Of Yours (as before)! Be Merciful, Lord Of gods, Refuge Of the world! (11:45)

Arjuna’s ordinary reality was exploded into a million pieces, destroying the ‘human-constructed’ limits.

The Depiction Of Maa ChinnaMasta Non-Verbally Indicates that unconditioned reality.

Maa ChinnaMasta Guides devotees Towards that realisation to become liberated from cyclic existence.

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