Devotees can learn to spiritually mature by shattering illusion of time and gain victory over fear of death

Maa ChinnaMasta’s Depiction Of Cutting Of The Head And The Restoration Of The Head Signify immortality.

The Garland of skulls and severed heads, Which Maa ChinnaMasta Is Depicted Wearing, Symbolises Her Victory Over time and fear of death.

Maa ChinnaMasta’s Depiction As Black Complexion Denotes destruction, And Red Or Orange Complexion Denotes life. Maa ChinnaMasta Signifies the interdependent cyclical nature of life, death, and procreation.

Maa ChinnaMasta, Who Drinks The Blood Flowing From Her Body, Appears As The Savior. She Transforms the negativity of the world Into benevolent energies.

While Maa ChinnaMasta Is Depicted As A Mature Young Woman Who Has Mastered Her Ego And Awakened Her Kundalini, the attendants are seen as spiritually immature girls who have not become liberated from the illusion of the duality of the world.

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