The central feature Of Maa ChinnaMasta’s Depiction is the self-decapitation. This violent act doesn’t result in the destruction of The Divine Mother. Quite to the contrary, through that act She Emphasizes the spiritual ability involved in being able to cut off one’s head without destroying oneself.

Body-based limited ego represents the obstacle to spiritual liberation or enlightenment. To awaken, to realize the underlying nature of reality, is to overcome an ego centred view of the world, according to which the individual is at the centre of the universe and reality is understood as specially arranged to be at the ego’s disposal.

The image of cutting off one’s own head might be taken as a dramatic rendering of the spiritual awakening process. The devotee completely destroys body-based limited ego by “decapitating” himself or herself, getting rid of his or her own ego-ridden mind, which was the hindrance to a true apprehension of reality.

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