Maa ChinnaMasta Is The Most Stunning Representation in the pantheon of truth of which life, sex, and death are part of an interdependent, unified system.

She Symbolizes the continued state of self-sustenance of the created world in which are seen continuous self-destruction and self-renewal, in a cyclic order.

The cycle is starkly portrayed: life (the couple making love), death (The Decapitated Form Of The Divine Mother), and nourishment (the flanking yoginis drinking Her Blood).

She Takes life and vigor from the copulating couple, then Gives it Away Lavishly By Cutting Off Her Own Head To Feed Her devotees.

Maa ChinnaMasta Is The Cosmic Process, The Rhythms Of creation and destruction, The Harmonious Alternation Of giving and taking.

Her Image Strikingly Presents these aspects in such a way that the seeker can grasp intuitively their interconnectedness.

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