Maa ChinnaMasta, A Form Of The Divine Mother Shown As Having Cut Off Her Own Head, Is Standing On an inverted triangle, symbol of womb (bhaga) and the feminine.

The triangle is composed of three lines representing the rajas, sattva, and tamas gunas. The beings dominated by the rajas guna exhibit turbulence, instability, volatile actions and pain; those dominated by sattva guna are calm, pleasing and usually illuminating; those dominated by the tamas guna display delusion, confusion and inertia.

These three are the sources of impulses, which begin the process of differentiation from one source, the creation.

In the centre of the triangle is bindu, The Place Of Maa ChinnaMasta, The Principal Abode Of The Great Feminine Power, Whose Dynamism Gives impetus to the inert force to come into existence.

She Is The Source Where the creation begins, The Undifferentiated, All-Embracing Reservoir Of The Infinite.

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