Maa ChinnaMasta Is The Divine Mother Of Instrument to achieve liberation through the tantric-yogic process

Maa ChinnaMasta Is The Symbol Of spiritual advancement. She Is Described As An Awe-Inspiring Form Of The Divine Mother And Is Considered As The Mother Of tantra according to the book, “ChinnaMasta: The Aweful Buddhist And Hindu Tantric Goddess” written by elisabeth anne benard.

Tantra is the esoteric tradition of ancient india and buddhism that emerged in the middle of the 1st millennium ce. The word tantra derives from the two sanskrit words, “tanoti” meaning to expand, “trayate” meaning to liberate. Tantra is an ancient indian science of expanding and liberating the soul. It encompasses any systems applicable under “text, theory, system, method, instrument, technique, or practice”.

The human body is a principal instrument. It consists of numerous levels of subtlety and it is composed of subtle channels (nadis) and winds (prana), which circulate in the subtle channels in conjunction with the central channel. When subtle winds cannot enter the central one, a devotee can experience the duality of ordinary reality. However, one can learn to untie these ‘knots’ by opening the central channel.

Maa ChinnaMasta Drinking Her Own Blood is known to be from the central channel, which can be seen as experiencing the collapse of duality.

Maa ChinnaMasta Is Viewed As The Mother Of tantra because She Represents The Essential Instrument And Method of achieving liberation through the mastery of the subtle winds coursing through the subtle channels.

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