Maa ChinnaMasta, The Divine Mother Restores Her Head After Decapitation.

This Is A Unique Motif Of Maa ChinnaMasta And Illustrates That having the ability to sever one’s head and to restore it, leads not to death but to immortality.

The sacrifice is a cosmos which is violently broken up to be put together again. The constantly alternating movement between the two poles of disintegration and reintegration. The pivotal point, however, is that actual death and disintegration have been eliminated. Maa ChinnaMasta Displays The Ultimate; Though It Appears As Disunity, It Is Unity.

Once the seeker has this internal realization, he/she enters that life and That Light.

The observance of the rule thereof is the same as at the creation.

Such Blessings Brings, The Divine Mother, Maa ChinnaMasta.

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