Maa ChinnaMasta Is The Bright Lightning Of the spiritual intuition Opening Up the path towards the ultimate spiritual freedom. She Symbolises the capacity of direct perception, Revealing The Uniqueness Of The Infinite Divine Consciousness, Which Is Beyond name and form.

Maa ChinnaMasta Has great and dramatic impact on the devotee’s subconscious. Her Image Helps the seeker to achieve faster and more forceful changes in his or her conceptions and actions than a theoretical lecture.

The mind can trick us into accepting the points of view presented in a theoretical lecture, and still avoid the reality of those teachings. Whereas the impact of The Image cannot be avoided as easily. The Image Communicates more intensely and more directly with the spiritual heart of the seeker.

The suffering caused by the journey leading up to the sacrifice of the ego is a tough experience, which many people try to avoid although they admit its spiritual importance.

Meditating on The Image Of Maa ChinnaMasta Usually Causes a complete re-orientation of the energies towards deeply spiritual purpose and therefore, Is Associated to a “second birth”.

Maa ChinnaMasta Provides The Most Expressive Way To Guide the fundamental transformation of the devotee. Through the sincere worship of Maa ChinnaMasta devotees may be able to renounce the limited individuality of the ego, so as to be absorbed ecstatically In The Plentitude Of The Divine.

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