In most Depictions, Maa ChinnaMasta Stands In the bowman’s stance Of The Right Leg Lunging Forward And Slightly Bending Of The Left leg.

This stance indicates that She Is Prepared To Defend Her devotees, Ready To Strike their enemies And Be Ever Vigilant In Protecting them.

It also indicates She Is Ever Alert In Destroying the internal enemy, ignorance, which creates the illusion of separateness between a being and Brahman.

Likewise, a practitioner must be constantly aware and prepared to strike whenever ignorance dominates and deludes.

Maa ChinnaMasta Is Standing Defiantly On kama and rati who are copulating.

By Standing On them, Maa ChinnaMasta Triumphs Over the craving for cyclical existence And Indicates To Her devotees that they too, must be unaffected by worldly desire in order to attain liberation.

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