Through The Depiction Of Her Dishevelled Hair And Nudity, Maa ChinnaMasta Symbolizes The Abandonment Of the constructs of societal values. In many societies, there is an overemphasis on the garment of the body and covering of the hair as marks of respectability for women. Maa ChinnaMasta Symbolizes The Freedom From such limited and relative understanding of respectability and non-respectability.
The Symbolism Of Dishevelled Hair Is Also Associated With Maa KalaRatri, The Divine Mother Of The Great Cosmic Dissolution. With Dishevelled Hair And Nudity, Maa ChinnaMasta Dissolves all societal limitations on women And Establishes The All-Pervasiveness Of The “True Self”. The rejection of worldly impositions arising out of body-consciousness can be the first important step towards spiritual liberation.

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