Maa ChinnaMasta Symbolises Self-Sacrifice for the welfare of the world

The theme central to The Great Cosmic Wisdom Of Maa ChinnaMasta Is Her Self-Sacrifice

Maa ChinnaMasta Symbolises Self-Sacrifice With A Maternal Aspect On Behalf Of the world’s welfare. She Also Symbolises Sexual Dominance And Self-Destructive Fury according to the first and the second versions of the pranatoshini tantra and the oral version of the samudra manthan.

In a legendary story, Maa ChinnaMasta As Maa Prachanda Chandika Appeared To Aid the gods in the god-demon war. She Slayed all demons, Cut Off Her Head, And Drank Her Blood.

Similarly, another oral story Depicts Her As One Who Churned the milk ocean, Drank the demons’ share of the elixir, And Then Beheaded Herself To Prevent them From acquiring the amrita, also known as the elixir of immortality.

Maa ChinnaMasta Is A Form Of The Divine Mother Distinctively Recognised in ancient indian tantric tradition. Devotees recognise Her very easily because of Her Depictions from dramatic iconography throughout history.

Maa ChinnaMasta Represents self-control, nourishment, cosmic balance, and cyclical renewal.

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