Maa ChinnaMasta’s Awe Inspiring Image Represents The Most Energic Form Of Manifestation. Since She Is Able To Sacrifice Her Own Head, it means She Is The Symbol Of Spiritual Advancement. As a result, Her Head Does Not Appear Lifeless, But It Is Even More Alive.

What really causes the feeling of fear and rejection at the idea of a Headless Entity is the idea of a lack of identity, which people immediately associate with their own being.

The identity is the key element of “support” in this manifestation, the basis of understanding and of the conception about the world. Once this idea or support is eliminated, people feel confused, with no point of reference, lost in a tenebrous unknown.

Thus, people will unconsciously or consciously try to protect themselves not only against losing their identity, but also from the idea or exterior suggestions implying this separation of identity or ego.

However, from a spiritual point of view, these aspects have completely different significances. Being without head is one of the subtle metaphors referring to the transcendence of one’s identification with the bodily consciousness or to the overcoming of attachment towards thoughts and desires.

The condition of the Headless state represents in fact our true inner nature, of the Divine and perfectly detached witness. This condition proves that our present “location” in this body is not more than an illusory appearance and not a fundamental reality of our being.

If, in fact the powerful and constant thought “I am the body” would no longer be sustained by the mind, the individual consciousness would gradually go back to its original condition, that which is not dependent on either form or thought.

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