Maa ChinnaMasta Is flanked by Her two attendants, dakini on the left and varnini on the right.

The three nadis – ida, pingala, and sushumna are associated respectively with dakini on the left, varnini on the right, and Maa ChinnaMasta Standing In The Middle.

Once the vitality of the pingala nadi and creativity of the ida nadi are in balance, prana is free to travel along the sushumna nadi, from the root chakra to the crown chakra. By accomplishing this, the dichotomy of subject and object is eradicated and the relativity of duality is realized.

Maa ChinnaMasta’s two attendants are described as indicating duality. They drink The Blood Issuing From Maa ChinnaMasta’s Severed Throat thereby indicating their dependence On Maa ChinnaMasta.

Moreover, the attendants have their heads intact, which indicates that they do not have the yogic ability to sever their heads. This symbolises the clinging to the ‘I’ concept.

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