Maa ChinnaMasta Is Known As Maa Prachanda Chandika, Symbolising Super Fierce Form Of The Divine Mother, as well as Maa SarvaSiddhi, Who Grants all siddhis.

Experiencing the full awakening of the kundalini shakti may be difficult for a person whose mind runs around like a monkey on a roller coaster.

The Three Blood Streams Gushing Out Of Her Body Symbolise the three ethereal nerves in the subtle body (being neither solely physical nor solely spiritual) – ida, pingala, and sushumna. Ida and pingala are important for balancing our daily psychology. Sushumna is the main energy channel of the subtle body, hence it is the most important ethereal nerve running down the central axis of the body through the spinal cord.

Individuals may experience a pure state of mind only when prana flows freely through the sushumna. When the constant churning of the normal mind is forced to stop, the kundalini can go up to the final destination called the crown chakra.

Maa ChinnaMasta Is The Form Of Maa Adya Kaali Who Cuts Off the rationalizing mind And Shoots the tremendous force of kundalini right onto the top of the skull like a bolt of lightning. Maa ChinnaMasta Is Described As Maa SarvaBuddhi, The Enlightened Intelligence.

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