Maa ChinnaMasta Is Depicted As having Three Eyes – Right, Left, and Center Eyes. The Center Eye Is Referred To As The Third Eye. The Third Eye Represents The Eye Of Transcendent Knowledge.

The Three Eyes Symbolise the fire, moon, and sun. The fire, moon, and sun represent the cycles of destruction, creation, and persistence of the external world.

One Of The Profound Aspects Of Maa ChinnaMasta’s Iconography is that Maa ChinnaMasta Does Not Look Directly At Her devotees, but rather She Looks At Herself. This Image can be interpreted as A Portrayal Of Maa ChinnaMasta’s Guidance To Her devotees to look within themselves.

In ancient indian tradition, the direction of The Eyes Of The Divine is significant. The Eyes Of The Divine Reminds us that it is not the worshipper who sees The Divine, But The Divine Sees the worshipper As Well.

To discover The Absolute, devotees should not direct the senses to externals. Introspection is required. Since The Self is not found through the outward senses, devotees should withdraw the sense inward to find The Self.

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