Maa ChinnaMasta Is Similar To Both Maa Sarasvati, Who Symbolise Divine Knowledge, music, art, speech, wisdom, and learning And Maa Parvati, Who Is Venerated As The Daughter Of The Mountain And A Benevolent Mother.

Here are The Twelve “Names” Of Maa ChinnaMasta, Which Express Her Many Divine Attributes. Devotees should remember Maa ChinnaMasta’s Many “Names” every morning For Protection Against enemies And Destruction Of all negativities. By reciting The “Names” devotees can also Be Blessed With good thoughts, wealth, contentment, and peace.

(1) Maa ChinnaGriva (The Divine Mother With A Severed Neck)

(2) Maa ChinnaMasta (The Divine Mother With A Severed Head)

(3) Maa ChinnaMundaDhara (The Divine Mother Who Holds A Severed Head)

(4) Maa Akshata (The Divine Mother Who Is Whole Or Uninjured)

(5) Maa KshodaShemakari (The Divine Mother Who Is The Skillful Causer Of peace)

(6) Maa Svaksha (The Divine Mother With Beautiful Eyes)

(7) Maa KshoNishCchadakShama (The Divine Mother Who Is The Protector Of the kings of the earth)

(8) Maa Vairochani (The Divine Mother Who Symbolizes The Power Inherent In indra)

(9) Maa Vararoha (The Divine Mother With Beautiful Thighs)

(10) Maa BalidanaPraharshita (The Divine Mother Who Blesses those who present sacrificial offerings)

(11) Maa BalipujataPadabja (The Divine Mother Whose Lotus Feet Are Honoured With sacrificial offerings)

(12) Maa VasudevaPrapujita (The Divine Mother Who Is worshipped by shri krishna as vasudeva

When reciting Maa ChinnaMasta’s Holy “Names”, devotees should be deeply sincere in order to receive Her Grace And Blessings For The Fulfillment Of their desires, And For merits and good health in life.

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