The Divine Mother Has Been widely worshipped In The Form Of Maa ChinnaMasta in ancient india, as well as by the mystics of today. There are two main traditions, “Srikula” and “Kalikula”. Maa ChinnaMasta Is revered in “Kalikula” tradition. ‘

The Epithet “ChinnaMasta” consists of two words, Chinna and Masta. The word Chinna means “dissloved”, and the word Masta “means” head. Therefore, The Divine Mother Has Been Referred To As “Maa With A Severed Head” in many ancient indian scriptures, including shiva purana, skanda purana, Devi bhagavat purana and tantric scriptures.

The benefits of worshipping Maa ChinnaMasta are many. She Removes obstacles in the way And Grants success in life.

Maa ChinnaMasta Is The Divine Mother Of Change. She Is The Seventh Wisdom Expression Of Maa Maha Kaali Manifested As Maa Parvati, And Is A Ferocious Form Of Power. The Snake In Maa ChinnaMasta’s Throat Symbolises the kundalini power. The Depiction Of Maa ChinnaMasta’s Naked Body Symbolises the abandonment of worldly things. To awaken the kundalini power, a person needs to control sexual desire and remove the ego.

Our head is a symbol of pride. Therefore, cutting off the head symbolises that one has cut off their ego. Maa ChinnaMasta’s two attendants represent ida and pingala pulses and Her Head, sushumna nadi. When the kundalini powers up, it drinks up all the blood in the body. After kundalini wakes up, it’s like a person has a new birth. Hence, Maa Parvati Is Reborn As Maa ChinnaMasta.

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