22nd May, 2024
Happy "Maa ChinnaMasta Jayanti"
"Maa ChinnaMasta Jayanti" Is Also Being celebrated on
21st May, 2024.

||Om Hum Maa ChinnaMastayai Namo Namaha||

||Shrim Hrim Klim Aim
Maa Vajravairochane
Hum Hum Phat

“Maa ChinnaMasta Jayanti” Is observed and celebrated annually on shukla paksha chaturdashi of the baisakhi month of the lunar calendar. This year “Maa ChinnaMasta Jayanti” Is On May 22nd, 2024. Some communities are celebrating on May 21st according to their calculations.

Maa ChinnaMasta, The Divine Mother Of Altruism, Is Depicted With Her Divine Head Severed By Her To Feed Blood to Her hungry associates dakini and varnini, Symbolizing The Great Cosmic Wisdom Teaching Of Self-Sacrifice. This Depiction Of Maa ChinnaMasta Also Symbolizes the transcendence from the ego and the overcoming of incessant thoughts and desires, as the head is generally the container of thoughts and desires.

Wielding The Divine Power To Destroy And Create, The Divine Mother Maa ChinnaMasta Guides Her sincere devotees to realize that life and death are a part of the journey of having human experience. Maa ChinnaMasta Provides The Wisdom to deserving devotees With Depiction Of Her Severed Head Facing Towards The Empty Space Above Her Body, that they should make their minds look inwards, Into The Abode Of Pure Consciousness, to realize The True Self, “shiva”.

Maa ChinnaMasta Symbolizes the continued state of self-sustenance of the created world in which are seen continuous self-destruction and self-renewal, in a cyclic order. The cycle is starkly portrayed: life (the couple making love), death (The Decapitated Form Of The Divine Mother), and nourishment (the flanking yoginis drinking Her Blood). Maa ChhinnaMasta Takes life and vigor from the copulating couple, And Gives it Away, Cutting-Off Her Own Head To Feed Her assistants.
Maa ChinnaMasta Symbolises The Cosmic Process, The Rhythms Of creation and destruction, The Harmonious Alternation Of giving and taking. The Depiction With Which devotees Symbolise Maa ChinnaMasta Strikingly Presents these aspects in such a way that the seeker can grasp intuitively their interconnectedness.

Maa ChinnaMasta (also spelt “ChhinnaMasta”, also Known As “ChinnaMunda” in buddhist traditions) Is The Divine Mother of Self-Sacrifice and Altruism. The Divine Mother Cut Off Her Own Head Simply To Feed Her assistants, Symbolising Sustenance, Co-existence,  A Life-Giver and Life-Taker.

Maa ChinnaMasta Is Considered Both A Symbol of sexual self-control, Embodiment Of Sexual Energy by different traditions, And Also Represents death, temporality, destruction as well as life, immortality, and recreation. 

To tantriks, Maa ChhinnaMasta Conveys spiritual self-realization and the awakening of kundalini shakti,– spiritual energy. 

Maa ChinnaMasta - The Divine Mother Symbolising Self-Sacrifice -
"Om Hreem Maa ChinnaMasta Namo Nama"
Maa ChinnaMasta Stregthens your soul to transcend beyond the body and care for others to find supreme fulfilment.
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