The Ninth “Name” And “Meaning” Through Which devotees praise The Divine Mother Maa ChinnaMasta

The Ninth “Name” From The “Maa ChinnaMasta Sahasranama Stotram” Or The Thousand Holy Names Through Which devotees praise The Divine Mother Maa ChinnaMasta Is “Maa ChaladRakta”. Maa ChinnaMasta Revered As Maa ChaladRakta Is “Divine Mother Who Has Blood Forever Flowing”.

“Translations” Of The Divine Name “Maa ChaladRakta” found in literature

In Benard’s book (1994), The Holy “Name” Translates To “One with Quivering Blood.” It can be said that The “Name” Symbolizes a dynamic and intense quality associated with blood, which is a vital and life-giving force in the human body.

Additionally, the book delves into the classification Of “The Thousand Names” based on the concept of rasa. Rasa refers to the nine fundamental emotions or aesthetic flavors found in indian aesthetics and literature. These nine rasas are considered essential elements in artistic expression and experience. Each rasa evokes a specific emotional response in the audience.

Within this framework, The Holy Name “ChaladRakta” Is classified under category 4, which represents the rasa “Furious” by Benard. This classification implies intense and passionate emotions, evoking feelings of anger, intensity, and ferocity. 

The tenth verse of The “Shri Maa ChinnaMasta Sahasranama Stotram” contains The Holy Name “ChaladRakta”, which in english and in bengali are as follows:

“Lalajihva Caladrakta Carucandranibhanana ।

Cakoraksi Candanada Cancala Ca Manonmada ॥ 10 ॥”

“ললজিহ্বা চলদ্রক্তা চারুচন্দ্রনিভাননা ।

চকোরাক্ষী চণ্ডনাদা চঞ্চলা চ মনোন্মদা ॥ ১০ ॥”

General meanings of the words “chalad” and “rakta”

The term “চলদ” (chalad) in bengali can be translated as “move on” or “quivering.” It signifies a sense of motion, activity, or vibration. It symbolizes a dynamic and energetic quality associated with movement or trembling.

On the other hand, “রক্তা” (rakta) translates to “bloody”, referring to the presence or involvement of blood. Blood carries immense symbolism across various cultures and contexts, often associated with life, vitality, and intensity. “রক্তা” (rakta) further emphasizes a connection with blood or the qualities that blood represents.

Combination of the terms, “চলদ” (chalad) and “রক্তা” (rakta) creates a vivid and evocative image, indicating a forceful and passionate nature tied to the essence of blood and movement. 


Maa ChinnaMasta, Revered As Maa ChaladRakta, Is The Divine Mother Who Has Blood Forever Flowing, Symbolizing The Divine Energy And The Transformative Power Of The Divine Mother. The Depiction Of Maa ChinnaMasta Portrays That She Severs Her Own Head Spurting Blood That Nourishes Her attendants And Also Flows Back Into Her Through Her Own Mouth. The Streams Of Blood, Which Nourish Her attendants, Symbolize The Life Force, Energy, And Vitality That Maa ChinnaMasta Embodies And Bestows Upon Her devotees. It Is Symbolic Of Her Transformative Power And The Power To Provide sustenance and nourishment on both physical and spiritual levels. It Also Signifies Maa ChinnaMasta’s Power To Harness The Primal Life Force Within Herself And Bestow It Upon Her devotees. The Blood Flowing Back Into Maa ChinnaMasta’s Own Mouth Symbolizes Divine Energy And the eternal and cyclical nature of life. It Signifies The Continuous Flow And Regeneration Of Her Divine Essence In the universe. 

The Holy Name “ChaladRakta” Highlighting The Eternal And Continuous Flow Of Blood, Is Symbolic Of The Everlasting Presence Of Divine Energy And Life Force In existence. It Signifies That Maa ChinnaMasta Is Not Only The Provider Of life force But Also The Fierce Divine Mother Who Blesses Her sincere devotees With transformation.

Devotees should sincerely meditate On Maa ChinnaMasta As Maa ChaladRakta to seek Her Blessings For spiritual growth, protection, and the awakening of inner strength and vitality. 


Anne, B. E. (1994). Chinnamasta: the Aweful Buddhist and Hindu Tantric Goddess.

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