A Particularly Striking Feature of the iconography Of Maa ChinnaMasta Is Her Standing On the copulating couple kama and rati, who are usually shown lying on a lotus.
Standing Defiantly On these deities Indicates That Not Only Does Maa ChinnaMasta Triumph Over them But She Has Overcome Or Conquered what they symbolise.
Rati and kama symbolise the main impetus for creation and the perpetuation of cyclical existence, samsara.
Hence By Standing On them, Maa ChinnaMasta Triumphs Over the craving for cyclical existence And Indicates To Her devotees That they must be unaffected by worldly desires in order to attain liberation.
The pleasure offered by the body and its senses is mostly smaller than the pain, the suffering, and the illness people have to face during a lifetime.
In this position where the devotees feel incarcerated in the prison of the senses and bodily desires, The Great Cosmic Wisdom Maa ChinnaMasta Appears As The Saviour From the slavery of the gross matter.

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