Maa ChinnaMasta Has Three Open Eyes That Radiate immense light. She Is The Knower of past, present, and future. Nothing escapes The Vision Of Maa VajraYogini.

The Third Eye Located In The Centre Of The Forehead indicates the realization of transcendent knowledge which is necessary in order to help beings effectively.

Maa ChinnaMasta Does Not Look Directly At Her devotees. By Looking At Herself, She Directs Her devotees to look within themselves. This Is A Brilliant And Profound Aspect Of Maa ChinnaMasta.

One should not direct the senses to externals, which create the illusion of duality and multiplicity, but withdraw the senses into oneself.

The Absolute can be found in the heart, within an individual. Finding the Absolute within oneself is The Knowledge.

The only way out is in.

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