The Lotus On Which Maa ChinnaMasta Is Depicted Standing On Symbolises purity and beauty. The lotus is a powerful symbol because it represents the enlightened mind, bodhichitta.

In nature, a lotus emerges every morning from the mud, yet it remains untainted. The breaking of the mud surface every morning is suggestive of the breaking of desire, which leads to the lotus being associated with spiritual enlightenment.

In tantric traditions the opening of the lotus signifies that: “If you desire a good crop, you must first sow the seeds properly. Likewise, without the seed of proper purification, the crop of enlightenment will not grow.”

The lotus of the mind is originally pristine, yet it becomes defiled by conditioning of the surrounding environment. Maa ChinnaMasta Guides the devotee to realize this mind of purity.

At that pristine moment, the devotee experiences The Greater Self, and realizes one is all and all is one. Small “I” dissolves Into The Greater Self. Now he/she realizes that everything has to be done for the sake of all beings As The Greater Self In In All.

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