Maa ChinnaMasta Is One Way To the complete life and liberation from the concept of birth and death cycle

Maa ChinnaMasta Symbolises integrity, this aspect is expressed as The Nude Body. One Of Her Many “Names” Is Maa RanJaitri (One Who Is Victorious In war). She Is Celebrated As The Slayer Of various demons And For Her Prowess In battle.

Maa ChinnaMasta’s Nakedness And Free-Flowing Hair Denote Her Rejection of societal stereotypes, Her Rebellious Freedom, And Her Sensuality.

Maa ChinnaMasta Is Symbolic Of the non-existence of the concept of “I”. “I” means the identification made in the mind as being the body and being attached to the ownership of valuable materials and other worldly belongings, however, Maa ChinnaMasta Exists Beyond these limited frameworks or references.

Maa ChinnaMasta Severed Her Own Head. She Exists As Both Without A Form And With Form. The Iconography Of Maa ChinnaMasta is a reminder for us to seek Self realization for liberation. She Never Dies Without A Head, and neither will the devotees.

Once a devotee realizes The Reality Of The Infinite Divine Self, they are forever free from the concept of birth and death.

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