Maa ChinnaMasta Symbolizes the electrifying energy of our unconscious depths. She Grants the pure vision of the reality.

In Ancient Indian spiritual tradition, Maa ChinnaMasta Symbolises the self-sacrifice manifested when someone offers one’s own being with great honesty To The Divine in order to live fully With Unison Of The Divine Consciousness.

Kundalini shakti, the gigantic cosmic force is associated With Maa ChinnaMasta. Awakening from the base of the spine to the crown chakra, She Symbolizes the awakening and the unobstructed flux of the subtle energy circling in the human being.

The couple lying At Her Feet symbolises the union of the masculine and the feminine energies of the human psyche. Maa ChinnaMasta’s Severed Head Symbolises¬† the freedom from the limitations of the body and the mind of the consciousness.

She Is The Bright Lightning That Destroys the veil of ignorance, Thus Making Way to the path towards supreme spiritual freedom.

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