Maa ChinnaMasta Is The Great Cosmic Wisdom Who Guides sincere devotees to dissolve their egos, including attachments, habits, and preconceived ideas.

Maa ChinnaMasta Guides them to transcend and merge with the “unmana” or also known as the supra-mental state of The Divine Calm Void or Pure Divine Consciousness.

Death takes us all over time, regardless of whether we want it or not. As death is inevitable, we do not need to fear the loss of our head, which is symbolic of the loss of ego while physically alive.

Furthermore, the one path to spiritual awakening is called “sacrifice of the mind”. It implies renunciation of the complicated mechanism of attachment to possessions including the most persistent and pervasive idea “I am the body”.

Being subject to the influence of the body and death is more frightening than the idea of transcending the corporal consciousness.

Once we are free from the “prison” of the body, the consciousness can express itself naturally, and then profound freedom and Divine Knowledge can flow through us.

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